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Our thoughts // 15.08.2019

The Corporate Party is an important part of every company's schedule. It’s an excellent team-building opportunity and a chance for everyone to relax away from the office! They are a great way to make staff feel rewarded for their efforts, build relationships between the team and improve communication. Oh yeah, there’s also this thing called fun! Don’t believe us?

According to Seven Events, a London-based event company, there are a number of benefits that a team-building activity can offer:

  • They can help your employees learn to work with each other in different situations;
  • Encourage them to be creative and showcase their unique problem-solving skills;
  • Help to improve productivity by helping the team mesh together and find better ways to communicate.

A great team-building event is one that will bring these benefits into your workplace but also one that is fun and engaging, no one will connect with a boring activity.

Here at Whistle Punks, we think that axe throwing is the best team-building exercise for a corporate party or away day. 

It’s not just us tooting our own horn (it definitely is), axe throwing has great benefits and promotes all the aspects that you would want for a team-building exercise. And even some benefits that you wouldn’t think of.

cometative socialising

Fun and engaging

If there is one thing that we can say about axe throwing at Whistle Punks is that it’s a whole heap of fun. All the feedback we get from customers is how much of a great time they had.

It’s something that a lot of people haven’t tried before or often even thought of and it’s such an unusual activity people want to engage and are curious about, that’s why a corporate party is a great place to introduce it!

A fun and engaging environment in an office is hugely important.. Millennials are no longer looking at just the pay and benefits when job searching, company culture is ranked as one of the leading factors for job seekers when they assess whether they would work for a company.

So if you want to be a brand leader and attract the top talent, make sure your company culture, especially the big end of year corporate party is fun and engaging.


Break barriers

Working together is one thing but spending time together outside of work during a corporate party or other social gathering will help build friendly ties and connections. This benefits your team as they will feel more comfortable and at ease with each other. Studies show that when people are comfortable and at ease, they are more productive and more creative.

While any activity will help forge these bonds, axe throwing is a great ice breaker as well. Talking about the activity and competing against one another provides the perfect opportunity to chop down those barriers (I will not apologise for that pun).


Motivate and boost creativity

In the U.K. 73% of employees are classified as “not engaged, they are there to earn a paycheck. Having an employer that promotes fun activities for their staff is proven to boost morale and engagement of employees with their company. They work harder, more creatively and all of this has a visible positive impact on the performance of the company.



Trust is important for every good business, moving beyond a strictly professional setting builds trust. This is especially important for senior managers because instead of thinking of them sitting in their offices all day, they put a face and a personality with the title.

This increases transparency in the company. When employees know what managers are really like this builds trust between the managers and the staff. Surely everyone wants the opportunity to beat the boss.

Trust between staff is also hugely important. It doesn’t take truth circles to build trust, we think that being in a room when one of your colleagues is throwing an axe is more than enough!


Level playing field

One of the biggest draws of Axe throwing with Whistle Punks is that you will almost always have a level playing field.

Axe throwing is all about skill and not strength so more athletic people will not have an advantage. Not only that but everyone can do it. Our expert instructors have helped people with different levels of mobility, vision loss and the Deaf community throw axes successfully.

men in smart attire throwing axes
whistle punks team members


Can we book outside of offered times?

Sure you can, we only require 2 weeks notice and a minimum of 2 lanes to be booked for us to arrange this. Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.


Can we have the entire venue to ourselves?

Yes, all bookings arranged outside of the regular session times are private. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire allocated tickets for a regular session (50 London, 40 Manchester & 40 Birmingham)


Is my H&S Officer going to sign off on this?

If they know what’s good for them! We can provide you with copies of our liability insurance and risk assessments upon request.


Do you offer food and drink?

We offer light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks at this time.


How a session works:

All of our sessions are 90 minutes long and take place on a lane consisting of two targets, each lane fits up to 12 players. Upon arriving you’ll be greeted by a friendly instructor and once you’ve signed in it’s time for the safety talk. Listen up and learn how to throw axes, in a safe and fun way. Then it’s time for the fun stuff!

Please note, as described when booking, session times and players per lane changes come into effect on 26th of August.


How the session would go down during your corporate party:

  • We teach you how to sling an axe like a boss, giving group instruction then brief individual coaching to hone your technique.
  • Then once you’re happily smashing targets we’ll throw you straight into a tournament.
  • We crown the tournament winner and celebrate with everyone else.
  • Time allowing, we will teach you some trick shots. Ever thrown two axes at once before?

Please note – As of 26th of August we will now be running sessions with 10 players per lane and for 70 minutes. This is to ensure each player has less waiting time between throwing and more throws per session.

team building


Exclusive Lanes:

Fancy some privacy? An exclusive lane ensures it’s only your party on the lane, along with a trusty instructor to help you on your way and keep you safe.


Big Shot:

As well as the exclusivity of the lane, the winner of the tournament will receive a shiny trophy to show off. Feeling peckish? Each player is also entitled to two snacks or drinks each. What a deal!


High Flyer:

The big one, for those who want the premium Whistle Punks experience. We’ve got the private lane, snacks, drinks and trophy for the winner, but with this package, all players can grab themselves a piece of Whistle Punks merchandise. We have mugs, t-shirts, travel cups and hats.


With every lane package sold we donate £1 to Trees For Cities.

man celebrating win
Whistle Punks team throwing axes

The Big Un’ – Hosting and planning a team building day

Competition provides a healthy platform from which a team can build and improve relationships between their colleagues and what better competition is there than axe throwing?

The activity is designed so that everyone can pick it up quickly but it is still difficult enough to keep people entertained for hours at a time. This adds to the feelings of comradery and helps with motivating your team members. They will feel closer to each other as they fail in similar ways and they will celebrate each other’s successes.

What’s included:

  • Projector & Screen
  • 2.5hrs hospitality & presentations
  • 1.5hrs axe throwing
  • Trophies for each winner


  • 11:00 am – Welcome tea & coffees
  • 11:30 pm – Safety brief & Ice breaker
  • 12:00 pm – Presentations/meetings
  • 1:00 / 1:30 pm – Lunch
  • 2:00 pm – Axe throwing warm-up
  • 2:15 pm – Axe throwing tournament
  • 3:00 pm – Finish


  • £50 pp ex VAT
  • £1,620 ex VAT Minimum spend

For a team-building day, head here and go directly to the bottom of the page where you will see an enquiry form. Fill that in and our expert team will be in contact to help plan your corporate party.

Words: Staff Writer

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