Ever wondered what working at Whistle Punks is like, well, apply and you may just find out.

It’s always worth getting your name in our talent pool, WHY? Well because you will be the first to hear when a role does come up.

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Why are we great?

We pride ourselves on not only our values, but our brand overall.  We love everything about the space we are in, we throw axes, yes, but we do SO much more than that.

We believe in creating the best customer experience ever known, our reviews say all of this.  Creating the best customer experience, go's hand in hand with creating the best people experience.

Our Punks go above and beyond to make sure our guests have the best time with us.  From the moment they walk into a venue, from the elation of throwing an axe, to the axecitment of a tournament, to the top-notch service from lane to floor and bar.   And why is that so?

Because our Punks love their jobs, because there really is no job like it (well maybe selling ice cream)

We pride ourselves on showcasing & developing all things GREAT and by Great, I mean...

Gratitude, Respect, Empathy, Accountability & Trust

These are the bread and butter of Whistle Punks, these are the human skills we care about, and they are the human skills you get to develop a million times over working with us.  And when you nail these, you will be nothing but Empowered and Resilient going from GREAT to GREATER.

Sooooo other than the obvious...

What else do you get here?

We are a part of The Real Living Wage foundation, starting rates are £12.05 per hour in London and £11.00 outside of London.

Our shifts are fair and flexible, nothing less than 6 hours on our watch.

We offer some great perks, including Travel Loans, Discount platform via Hospitality Rewards, refer a friend, EAP, Uniform, Staff Discounts, Play for Free, Company Events, Career Progression through our Bronze, Silver, Gold scheme. Community and Charitable events, do something great for something you care about.

And what’s more, you will get to work for a business that genuinely cares about the industry we operate in and the role we play in shaping the experiences of our teams and our guests.

If we sound like the sort of place you want to work, please see below for our open roles and apply direct to our ATS.

If we are not actively recruiting, fear can still APPLY NOW and you will land in our talent pool, where we will review your application and reach out when a job does pop up!  Just make sure to tell us what venue you like the look of working in.

I started out in venue and have had some of the most amazing career growth in my time here. Our Punks make our business, I'm now Training Manager and get to help our new generation thrive!

Adena Cahill, Training Manager.
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