Our Commitment to Safety

News // 12.06.2019

At Whistle Punks we never compromise on safety. Whether it’s our top-notch instructor’s training or the state of the art equipment we use, we’re always looking for ways to make axe throwing as safe as possible.

That’s why RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) & TESS (The Events Safety Shop) have endorsed us for having excellent safety practices.


Each lane is supervised at all times by a qualified instructor and there are only ever two players per lane throwing an axe at a time. Our instructors teach players to throw properly and avoid throwing in ways that could cause an axe to come back at them.
Each instructor is highly trained and regularly assessed to ensure all guest experiences follow our safety guidelines.


Whistle Punks use axes with a wooden handle. This is because our experience has taught us that wooden handled axes will bounce far less than their rubber-coated counter-parts.


The matting on the floor of our lanes has been handpicked and extensively tested to make sure it absorbs as much of the force as possible and reduces the risk of an axe making its way back at you.
We also have shock absorbers above our targets that catch axes and prevent them from rebounding from a height.

Words: Josh Cole

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