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Trees for Cities


Whistle Punks is a proud sponsor of Trees for Cities.

Trees for Cities is an amazing UK charity, they work with local communities to improve lives by planting trees in urban areas. They have multiple projects including Urban Trees and Edible Playgrounds.

To support Trees for Cities we give £2 for every Exclusive, Big Deal and High Roller lane we sell.

Whistle Punks, I’m sure you realise, is a company that relies on wood for many aspects of the axe throwing experience. We see it as our duty to give back to the environment and we look forward to building a sustainable future with Trees for Cities.

benefits of urban trees diagram

Trees for Cities have planted 1,000,001 trees since they began.

Urban Trees is a project which involves the planting of thousands of trees worldwide every year to combat the effects of climate change. Climate change is threatening many tree species with extinction, including ash, horse chestnut and oak.

By planting a range of tree species this enhances structural and functional diversity in woodlands and on city streets, it also builds resistance to pests and disease.

London trees remove 2,400,000 tonnes of air pollution each year.

Edible Playgrounds offers a way to teach children about growing and eating healthy food. Not only does it have the physical health benefits of eating well but also learning in an outdoor environment boosts mood, confidence and self-esteem, and helps develop attentiveness and self-reliance.

This leads to children building sustainable behaviours for the long term.

Check out more of their awesome work on their website.

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The work Trees for Cities does is really important and we’re excited to support them in building a better future.

Words: Staff Writer

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