14 Funny Cocktail Names Which Taste Remarkably Good

News // 10.10.2023

Bartenders are a creative bunch, dreaming up new and exciting drinks as well as funny and downright ridiculous cocktail names to go with them.

If there’s one thing we love more than a tasty tipple, it’s the thought that goes into a cocktail name which makes us say ‘wait, what?’

Read on for our top 20 delicious drinks with bizarre names!

1. Bad Name

What do you do when all the other cocktail names are taken?

In the case of this drink, you admit defeat and ultimately settle for a bad name. Thankfully, this floral whiskey cocktail is anything but a bad drink.

2. Slow Comfortable Screw Against A Cold Hard Wall With A Kiss

Not the easiest drink to order at the end of the night!

Cocktail names with 11 words are a bit of a rarity, and probably for good reason – it’s hard enough remembering your friends’ drinks orders without a cocktail which takes up 2 lines of text.

They’re a lot easier to drink than they are to say, though.

3. Income Tax

Well, that’s one way to ruin the vibe.

Thankfully, this cocktail is much more enjoyable (and generally cheaper) than what it is named after.

group of friends drinking cocktails at whistlepunks

4. Kopstoot

We do enjoy cocktail names which make you smile just by reading them.

However, this dutch drink translates to ‘a blow for your head’, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a beer with a chaser of gin. Approach with caution.

5. Corpse Reviver No.2

As you may have guessed, this is a potent drink designed to wake the dead.

Created at the legendary Savoy Hotel in London, this heady mix of gin, triple sec and absinthe is probably just as likely to put you down as pick you up!

6. Damn It Jimmy

We have no idea who Jimmy is, but we’re annoyed with him regardless thanks to this drink’s expressive title.

This is a classy drink composed of Japanese sake, rum, sherry, vermouth and sugar, with the startling inclusion of a blue cheese-stuffed olive as a garnish.

7. Monkey Gland

As far as funny cocktail names go, this one is… off putting.

The inspiration behind this drink’s name comes from the works of Dr. Serge Voronoff, who believed that… actually, you know what? We’re going to let you read all about it yourself here.

8. Oooh Ginger

This cocktail has a name which sounds like it came straight out of a ‘Carry On’ movie.

We probably don’t need to tell you what the main flavour is, but be careful not to accidentally order another one when you inadvertently say its name after the first sip.

9. Roger

As you may have noticed, cocktail names can be obscure and fantastical at the best of times.

So, when we found out that there is a cocktail which is simply called ‘Roger’, we had to include it.

Roger is quite popular in Venice, and uses peach puree that you’d usually use in bellinis.

A splendid summery drink with a hilariously pedestrian name.

10. Posh Punk

What’s more punk than drinking expertly-crafted cocktails and slinging axes at the same time?

This perfectly-balanced gin-based tipple will be available across all Whistle Punks venues just in time for your Christmas parties and festive shenanigans.

Alongside an extensive menu of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks, our bars are full to the rafters with liquid libations to soundtrack your evening of axe throwing.

Who says punks can’t be posh?

exotic cocktail served by whistle punks bartender

11. Bald Head

It’s been scientifically proven that bald people are seen as more trustworthy and in higher positions of power.

It goes without saying, then, that naming a cocktail ‘Bald Head’ is proving its dominance amongst other less-experienced drinks.

Often referred to as a ‘Perfect Martini’, just like baldness is the perfect hairstyle.

12. Pharmaceutical Stimulant

If you’re a fan of Espresso Martinis, it’s impossible to dislike this drink; it’s also more fun to say.

It uses pretty much the same ingredients and was invented by the same person, but was traditionally served in a medicine cup for some quirky self-awareness.

Between this and the Corpse Reviver, you’ve got the key to immortality.

13. Cactus Banger


Thankfully, you don’t need to go out and source a cactus to make this one – just some tequila, triple sec and fruit juice. Mix them together and you have a drink that tastes like liquid sunshine.

14. Hanky Panky

This is the only acceptable time that you can ask a bartender for Hanky Panky.

Another invention from The Savoy hotel, this time by legendary bartender Ada Coleman – this drink was first made for actor Charles Hawtrey, who exclaimed ‘by jove, that is the real hanky-panky!’ after finishing it.

espresso martini

In the world of drinks, crafting creative cocktail names has given rise to many laughs at the bar.

Next time you’re entertaining at home, give these deep cuts a go. Or, leave it to the pros and visit our axe-throwing bars for refreshments and an experience not to be forgotten.

Words: Staff Writer