10 Fun Date Ideas

News // 02.10.2023

Falling in love with someone is the easy bit.

Finding good date ideas and spending quality time with your significant other is clinically proven, by *science*, to lead to happier relationships.

It’s a win-win: not only are you strengthening your relationship bonds, it gives ample opportunity to learn more about each other as people and create more happy memories together.

You can also pick up exciting skills or engage in new experiences along the way. Let’s not forget that you’re meant to have fun together!

Alarmingly, however, roughly 45% of couples don’t organise frequent date nights and are at risk of one of the greatest threats to any relationship: monotony.

Don’t worry if your date ideas are a little limited. Here at Whistle Punks, we’ve put together 10 date night ideas (not that it has to be at night, it just sounds cooler) to help you out.

So, if you’re looking to organise the perfect date night with your partner, read on.

Road trip

Sometimes, all we have to do to freshen things up in life is to ‘get out of Dodge’, and there’s no more picturesque or epic way to do that than with a road trip.

Decide together on where you’d like to go – will it be a trip to the coast, a countryside adventure, or a city break?

The ride itself is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about each other – create a bangin’ playlist and take turns to play your favourite tracks. Music is the food of love, after all… according to someone or other.

This is a great excuse to explore a completely new area too, and create new memories together.

Create a photo album

Remember when relatives would show you old photo albums? There’s something very romantic about having a physical record of times gone by.

Compared to social media platforms, a lovingly-crafted photo album isn’t just a collection of memories of your time together, but a much more personal record of your relationship without chatbot spam.

In terms of date ideas, the process of putting an album together is a fantastic way to rediscover good times, sort through your photo gallery and decide together on the best pics.

Just save your photos, get them printed properly, and enjoy looking back on your story thus far.

Have a picnic

It’s no coincidence that many of the date ideas you’ll see out there on the internet are centred around food.

It’s human nature to enjoy the great outdoors, especially when it’s combined with eating – why do you think barbecues are so enjoyable?

So, if the weather’s looking good, find a local park (or your garden) and put a decent spread together: scotch eggs, potato salad, fresh fruit, sandwiches… The options are plentiful. You can even take a cooler box with some cheeky rose.

If the weather is looking a bit suspect, there’s nothing stopping you from laying a blanket on the living room floor and enjoying a picnic with the soothing sound of rain on the window – some would say that’s even more romantic!

Go and see some animals

Speaking of reconnecting with nature, what could be better than taking your partner to see some cute animals?

If you’ve already tried a road trip as one of your date ideas and noticed that your partner can’t pass a field of cows without gleefully shouting ‘cows!’, then a trip to a local public farm is sure to make them happy.

For a touch of the exotic, there’s always the zoo, or an animal sanctuary is a worthwhile cause: cute animals and conservation with a conscience.

Movie night

As far as date ideas go, this is a classic choice, but there are ways you can spice it up a bit.

For a home-based film date, you could get creative with some homemade popcorn which is sure to spice things up – especially if you try the ranch flavour.

Outside of the confines of your own home, push the boat out and try an independent cinema near you, or pop-ups. These will often offer exciting food and drinks packages or unique surroundings to enjoy some culture!

If you’re after movie ideas, check out our picks of films which nailed the sequel here.

Valentine's date couple at whistle punks

Go axe throwing

The perfect date ideas involve new experiences, and you’ll struggle to find one as exhilarating as axe throwing!

Whistle Punks offers the full package when it comes to the perfect date night. Whilst learning how to sink axes into wooden targets, you’ll be revelling in the fun atmosphere and sharing each other’s victories (and losses) in a way you never knew you needed.

With a wide range of drinks, snacks and pizza (remember, food of love) available, we’re here to fuel your date night and make it spectacular.

Forget flowers – show your loved one you care by taking them axe throwing.

Tech-free dinner

Nomophobia is a very real and very 21st century fear of being without your phone for an extended period.

*Science* came along again and has shown that over half of us are likely to have increased anxiety when we’re away from our phones.

It’s worth remembering that the whole point of these date ideas is to spend quality time with your partner, and that shouldn’t involve doom-scrolling, only coming up for air to show them a vacuous video of a cat doing something it shouldn’t.

So, we’d recommend making a conscious effort to plan a date night without phones, whether you leave them in a different room when watching a movie or turn them off whilst having dinner.

This way, your attention is purely on your partner which should lead to an increase in conversation, connection and communication.

Tik Tok can wait.

Support your local team

Spectator sports are a huge business and, unless you’re a die-hard fan, tickets can be eye-wateringly expensive to see the biggest teams play.

Instead, find out your local non-league football, rugby or any other sports teams and go down to soak in the atmosphere.

As well as being a lot of fun, you’re likely to see members of the team in the pub afterwards. These kinds of date ideas expose you both to new experiences and give plenty of stories to tell, as well as connecting you with the local community.

cocktails being prepared at whistlepunks

Take a class

We’ve established that learning new skills together is a sure-fire way to organise a successful date night and make it feel special.

Once you’ve got the bug with axe throwing, the sky’s the limit. On our travels, we’ve seen couples classes in dance, sushi-making, mixology, and even taxidermy.

Relive your first date

One of the best date ideas for an occasion, whether it’s 5 months or 50 years, is to go back to where it all began.

Making new memories together is very important, but it’s just as important to remember why you love each other in the first place.

Going back to the place where you shared your first date, first kiss, or any other milestone, is sure to rekindle those loving endorphins and adds real romance to a date night.

A woman celebrating hitting the centre of the target

It’s easy to become disconnected with the world and people around us, so taking time out every once in a while to spend with your partner is very important.

So, next time you’re planning something special, show your partner how much you care by putting some date ideas together of your own, and make some memories!

Words: Alex Pardey