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News // 05.06.2019

As axe throwers we have thrown and tested a lot of different axes, forever seeking that perfect throwing axe. It would need to have the right balance between weight and length while still remaining within the standard axe throwing proportions. There have been a few close-shaves, some almost-rans and far too many not even closes.

Our quest may be at an end.

We are changing from our current axes to a Helko Werk axe. The Whistle Punks logo is stamped on the side and it was made according to our exacting specifications – the perfect Whistle Punks axe.

These axes will provide a better quality axe to throw with. They will last longer, throw better and have a nicer all round experiences.

old throwing axe hafts
axe in hand

About Helko Werk:

Helko Werk started in Cronenberg, Germany in 1844. They quickly earned a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality hatchets, axes and forestry tools, and by the early 20th Century were exporting to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Helko hatchets and axes are recognised worldwide as some of the finest forestry tools available.


The Forging Process:

All Helko Werk axes are drop-forged from high-grade carbon steel. Drop-forging is one of the most proven methods of crafting durable hardware and tools.
After forging, the heads are hardened and cooled. Unlike many other manufacturers, who use a water bath, Helko tools are cooled in warm oil to avoid small chinks and cracks forming in the metal.

They have spent 175 years perfecting the hardness and temper of their blades, creating the ideal balance between superior edge holding ability, ease of sharpening, and resistance to chipping and fracture.

The quality of the handle is a measure of the tool’s integrity. Helko Werk equips their axes with some of the finest American Hickory and Swish Ash available.


The Whistle Punks axe specs are:

Weight of head: approx 600g
Handle length: approx 36cm – Ash

Words: Staff Writer

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