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What makes a good date night?


Some couples prefer to keep things low-key and relax at home, while others enjoy more adventurous activities. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be an activity that will make for a good date night.

2 women posing with throwing axes crossed

Social activities and experiences are a great way to get to know your partner better. They allow you to participate in something together, and provide a fun and relaxed environment for conversation. Plus, they’re a great way to break the ice and get to know each other better.

If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few activities that are perfect for couples:

– Karaoke

– Visiting an arcade

– Trying new food

– Ice skating

– Learning a new language

– Painting and drawing

– Escape rooms

– Axe throwing (cough cough)

Exercising together makes a date fun. Axe throwing is a great workout for your upper body. It’s also a great way to relieve stress. And, of course, it’s a lot of fun. Whether you’re doing it for exercise, competition, or just for fun, axe throwing is a great first date idea or date night activity for couples.

Group of three people practicing their axe throwing technique at Whistle Punks

Why axe throwing could be a great choice for date night

Axe throwing is the perfect date night activity for couples or singles who are looking for something a little different. It’s a great way to bond and have some fun, while also getting a little bit of exercise. Here’s everything you need to know about axe throwing, from how to do it, to why it makes such a great date night activity.

What is axe throwing?

Axe throwing is a fun activity that involves throwing an axe at a target. The goal is to hit the target as close to the centre as possible. Axe throwing can be done indoors or outdoors, at Whistle Punks we’ve anticipated the famous British weather and built all of our axe throwing activity bars inside.

How do you throw an axe?

To throw an axe, hold it in one hand with the blade pointing down. Lift it above your head and throw it towards the target. Aim for the centre of the target, and try to keep your arm straight as you throw.

How long are axe throwing sessions at Whistle Punks?

Each session is 70 minutes long where you’ll learn how to sling axes like a pro. Whistle Punks offers a 5 star rated, instructor-led experience, so you’ll be guided through how to get better and encouraged to take on the competition.

What about food and drink?

After sinking a few bullseyes you’ll be able to keep the celebrations going with your choice of a large selection of drinks, snacks and delicious pizza. Now that’s worth sharing!

Where is your nearest Whistle Punks venue?

We have venues in London, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol. With more planned for the future, keep your eyes peeled.

So why not give it a try? You might just find that axe throwing is your new favourite date night activity.

Words: Staff Writer

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