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Oh no, what’s that? Whistle Punks have received Trip Advisor’s certificate of excellence for the second year in a row? Guilty.

We are delighted that Trip Advisor deemed Whistle Punks worthy, once again of receiving this award. The Certificate of Excellence recognises businesses that earn consistently great user reviews, maintained a specifically high standard and respond with a customer-focused approach. Not our words, the words of the World’s largest travel site.

‘Sarah was a great teacher, it was a lot of fun. Highly recommend it!!’

The common thread throughout our reviews is the appreciation of a great instructor. The vast majority of all reviews mention their instructor by name which shows they’re giving players memorable and fun experiences. They create the competitive environment, help you improve your technique and if you’re lucky, they’ll probably make you laugh too!

‘But Whistle Punks, you’re at the top. Where do you go from here?’

Oh boy, this is just the beginning. We want to keep earning genuine and honest reviews from our players and earn next year’s certificate. The goal then is to enter Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame programme, for those businesses that have earned 5 certificates within 5 consecutive years.


If you’d like to read our reviews or write a review based upon your recent session with Whistle Punks, you can click here.

Words: Staff Writer

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