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The LGBTQIA+ Network


Celebrating the work hapenning behind the targets

Pride month is here and we are excited to announce our LGBTQIA+ Network.

Whistle Punks made the decision last year, to make more of an effort to promote LGBTQIA+ voices within our business. We wanted to make sure we are giving a voice to employees from this community and helping to ensure that inclusion and equality are woven into the decision-making at every level of Whistle Punks.

In January of 2022, we put the word out to our team that we wanted to create a group of Punks who will provide peer-to-peer support, raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and hold us as a business accountable to the standards of equality we aim to uphold.

The LGBTQIA+ Network

The Network’s first impact on the business was reassessing how we communicate with our players and how to avoid using non-gender-specific language. Running a safe and fun axe throwing session relies on communication and we want to ensure we are speaking to our players in an inclusive way that everyone can understand and doesn’t leave people feeling excluded.

The Network then created a brief for pronoun pin badges to be made available for Punks and players alike.

When people wear pronoun badges it can make us feel safer being in public and more comfortable about our identity.

Eden - LGBTQIA+ Network

For our Punks, there is no pressure or requirement to wear a pin badge. They can choose to wear multiple pins, change their pins, or not wear any pins. It’s their choice based on what they feel comfortable with. 

The Network’s next step was to explore how we can be a force for good in the cities we operate in and how we can support LGBTQIA+ charities in these communities. We are excited to announce we have partnered with the amazing Opening Doors London to hold a charity event on the 19th of July.

LGBTQ Charity

All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly towards their efforts in providing services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, non-binary and gender fluid people over the age of 50. You’ll be able to grab tickets for this special event very soon.

What next?

Next stop, Pride in London. The Network are organizing a Punks trip to the capital for the celebration at the end of July. Whistle Punks will be covering the cost of any Punk who wants to attend and we’ll be supplying all the flags and banners anyone could wish for! Hopefully, we’ll see you there. 

The next steps for the Network are totally in their hands and we feel confident that they are helping to create real change within our culture.

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Words: Staff Writer

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