Spring League Overview

Club news // 21.06.2019

Our spring league was a blast. We’re not sure who enjoyed it more, you guys or us! We had Stephen, Tim and Matt all take the top spots in London, Manchester and Birmingham respectively. Martyn C took down the nationwide award for most total points.

We also handed out our awards for league players too.

Most Improved Player – For the player who made the most improvement with their technique over the course of the league.

Most Entertaining – There’s always one, every league we take a moment to recognize that special someone who kept it fun!

Spirit of Whistle Punks – For the player who showed the kind of characteristics we love. Resilience, kindness and competitiveness all have to be on display for us to award you this coveted prize.


Congrats to all of our players and thank you for making it the roaring success it was. We look forward to seeing you at the summer league.

Words: Josh Cole

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