News // 10.06.2024

How to Perfect Your Axe Throwing Stance


No matter whether you’re an experienced axe thrower or are attending a Whistle Punks bar for the first time, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to perfecting your axe throwing stance.

Our bullseye hittin’ axe slinging instructors have come together to create a guide on improving your axe throwing stance and ensuring you rule the roost at your next axe throwing session.

Slinging Axes Is An Art Form & It Must Be Respected

Below, we outline our top tips for perfecting your axe throwing stance, but first, you need to be aware of the importance of being safe, focused, and sensible – remember, slinging axes is an art and must be respected.

If you’re preparing to attend one of our axe throwing activity centres, this article will give you an edge over other party members, ensuring you can impress everyone with the accuracy and detail of your axe throwing technique. Furthermore, by reading this article, you will also improve the safety of your group and ensure everyone has a great axe throwing experience.

A Firm Grip

A firm grip can go a long way, from a strong handshake to throwing axes with precision.

As our first and arguably most important tip, the importance of having a firm grip cannot be understated and could be the difference between becoming an axe slinging pro or becoming the brunt of the axe-throwing-joke. As we mentioned in our expert axe throwing tips, striking a balance between your grip is a major determining factor between a successful throw and a sub-par one.

Just like all things you love, you sometimes need to let them go, which has never been more relevant than when it comes to hitting a bullseye with an axe. Alternatively, you don’t want a loose grip as the axe will fall out of your hand, making it very very difficult to hit the target… you know, after the axe fell out of your hand and hit the floor.

Follow Through (not all the way!)

Now we know that when we tell you to follow through, you may have some questions, but to put it into context, we mean when completing the axe throwing motion.

When you release the axe, your movement and axe throwing stance don’t become obsolete, and by following through with your motion, you maintain and increase your accuracy and ensure the axe has enough force to reach the target (hopefully the bullseye).

Be One With The Axe

To really perfect your axe throwing stance, you need to concentrate on every aspect of your movement and surroundings, becoming one with the axe and imagining a pinpoint throw within your head.

Before throwing, take a breath, hone in your senses and take your time to focus on completing an accurate, smooth, and strong throw. Furthermore, by focusing on your technique, you are also helping to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you.

At Whistle Punks, safety is always our top priority, which is why our axe throwing instructors are on hand to offer any assistance, advice and guidance on safely throwing an axe.

Stable Foundations

The key to an expert axe throwing stance is a stable foundation, which begins with engaging your core and positioning your feet correctly. A good stance allows you to generate enough power to reach the target while maintaining accuracy, highlighting the importance of engaging your core throughout your throw, from your initial drawback to the above-mentioned follow-through.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with all skills and hobbies, the more you practise, the better you’re going to be, which couldn’t be more true than when it comes to perfecting your axe throwing stance.

Whistle Punks is the perfect place to book for your next stag party, hen do, corporate event, or casual date night, with entire venue hires and individual bookings available. Ensure you impress those invited by taking our advice and practising your axe throwing stance, perfecting your technique and releasing your inner lumberjack!

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Words: Staff Writer