30 Second Chat with Jesse – #throwlikeagirl

Our thoughts // 12.04.2019

“I was looking for a gun range to work at as I used to shoot at targets for fun. Axe throwing came up and there were jobs going and I was like ‘f**k yeah’.

I stalked Whistle Punks on social media. On the Youtube channel I saw a video of one of the other instructors, Sarah, throwing and she was the same size and build as me and it made me think ‘I can do this’.

My first-time axe throwing I was terrible and because I was so bad I wanted to be really good. I worked at it and practised a lot and got better. Though even now I still learn from other instructors and I get to teach them new things, it’s a very collaborative environment.
Axe throwing is great because it’s an escape from university. It requires focus, so when I’m axe throwing, that’s all I’m thinking about. I’m quite a busy person so being able to focus on one thing and forget everything else is great.”

Words: Josh Cole

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