News // 10.06.2024

The Top Benefits of Fun Team Building Activities


Have you been tasked with organising team bonding activities with an edge over the typical office get-togethers? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

When choosing the activity, venue or theme for your company’s team building activities, multiple considerations need to be taken into account to ensure team members build connections, get involved, and enjoy their experience. This blog discusses the top benefits of ensuring your team building activities are fun, engaging, and a bit more outside of the box.

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Transform Team Morale

Arguably, one of the main objectives of most work socials and outings is to improve morale amongst team members and break down any barriers that can occur within a professional working environment.

Good team morale is an integral part of building a successful business, helping in more ways than one, including improving employee retention rates, creating a positive environment for clients to work alongside, and increasing work quality through the roof. 

Team building activities are moving away from the traditional visit to the pub, where most people tend to have one drink and then leave, with organisations opting for options that push the boat out a bit more. Attending Whistle Punks Axe Throwing for your upcoming team building activities ensures your team is excited to attend and will want to spend their personal time having fun with good food, good drinks, and axe-throwing awesomeness.

Foster a Positive Workplace Culture

Closely linked to our first benefits, the second positive of fun team building activities is the opportunity to help foster a positive workplace culture. As mentioned, breaking down workplace barriers can be influential in building a strong culture by allowing employees to come out of their shells, learn more about each other, and have a good time together.

A positive workplace culture goes hand-in-hand with transforming team morale and could be the difference between your organisation being a success or a failure. You could employ the best talent and skilful workers, but if they don’t enjoy coming to work, they are less likely to give their all, think positively of the business, or stick around and develop within the company.

Improve Communication

Any good corporate social outing or event should be driven around improving communication amongst employees, whether that’s removing initial barriers and introducing team members to each other or putting individual teams against each other to build a sense of community and competition.

Any good team building activity will combine all of the above by encouraging friendly competition, and banter, completely removing the idea of work from participants’ minds. At Whistle Punks, we’re all about communication, from our attentive instructors to our friendly bar staff, with our entire team committed to ensuring our customers have an axe-throwing experience full of laughter, fun, and bullseye-precision awesomeness.

After attending any of our centres, your team is sure to be full of conversation, reminiscing on their experience and bringing the positive Whistle Punks spirit into your office!

Encourage Employee Engagement

To say axe throwing is an engaging experience is a slight understatement, as we’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy slinging axes and hitting bullseyes before moving on to cocktail-fuelled pizza goodness.

To help enhance all of the above benefits, you need to ensure that your team building activities are as engaging and interactive as possible. As we said, the days when pub visits helped you stand out from other organisations are almost gone, but how many businesses do you know that take employees to throw some axes?

At Whistle Punks, we cater to parties of all sizes, with multiple throwing lanes available at each of our centres. Alternatively, we also offer the ability to rent out an entire one of our facilities for any occasion, whether it’s a team building event, an important milestone, or a big celebration. Don’t hesitate to get involved and book your session online now, or get more information on renting an entire Whistle Punks location for a special occasion!

Increase Productivity

A happy team is a productive team.

If your employees enjoy turning up to work and getting along with each other, the higher their productivity and quality of work are going to be. There is no better way to build a happy and productive team than by taking the time and effort to allow them to get to know each other and spend some quality time together away from their desks. A fun work-social activity, like axe throwing, is the perfect way to encourage relaxed and non-work-related conversations that will break down any barriers hindering your company culture.

Hopefully, we have outlined some of the major benefits of fun team building activities and highlighted the opportunities and advantages they provide to all types of businesses. Are you interested in partaking in an unforgettable axe-throwing experience? Or are you looking to book a work social that’s sure to be a success? Book your slot at one of our axe-throwing centres.

Words: Staff Writer