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How to plan an epic stag do


Planning a stag do can be a daunting prospect. However, with a bit of careful planning, there are a few things you can do to make sure everybody experiences a weekend they’ll never forget.

When organising something like this, remember that you have been chosen for a reason – don’t let the prospect of a stag do scare you too much!

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Stag Do admin – start strong

The first thing to talk to the groom-to-be about is location and attendees. This is something you have to talk to the stag about – it is their weekend after all!

This is the perfect opportunity to get the stag involved and have a good-old bonding session before the real festivities begin.

It’s always a good idea to start planning as early as you can so that everyone can take the time off work if necessary and start saving some pennies!

Get a Whatsapp group together and get the ball rolling. This is a good opportunity to gauge the group and get some ideas going, but remember to stay in control – keep your focus on what the stag would enjoy and everything else will fall into place.

Accommodation and travel should be sorted first, as it’s always the biggest expense. Keeping things simple financially is the best way to go: apps like Revolut can make money transferring easy when you’re sharing meals and taxis.

Be up-front with everyone about the costs and be empathetic to individuals’ financial constraints – this should be fun for everyone!

In an ideal world, a well-planned stag do shouldn’t last for longer than a couple of days. Meeting everyone on a Friday night and finishing up on a lazy Sunday morning means you have plenty of time for food, activities, partying (and recovering) whilst making sure you don’t spend a fortune.

Group of friends posing comically with axes

Party Planning for a Stag Do

Once the dates are set and the attendees are finalised, it’s now time to get organised.

The basic necessities are accommodation and food. Beer may seem like a priority, but that’s much easier to find at the last minute!

It’s a good idea to have an itinerary that everyone has access to, but don’t be tempted to fill it up too much. A good stag do leaves time for unplanned shenanigans or well-needed recovery.

Finding fun and inclusive activities is the best way to create memories and let everyone engage with each other in a relaxed setting, as well as create some friendly competition.

There are handy websites which can help you plan the entire weekend and choose tried-and-tested activities: there are of course the old faithfuls like bowling, clay pigeon shooting, dressing up in silly outfits and making a nuisance of yourself after day-drinking in the local pub.

However, if you really want your weekend to be epic, Axe Throwing is one of the best places for a stag do.

Why, I hear you cry?

It goes against the grain

All good stories start with axe throwing. You only get to have one stag do (all being well), so why settle for the mundane?

Axe throwing offers a one-of-a-kind experience unlike any other, and is probably something that no one in your group has ever done before. This is the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours doing something new and exciting with old and new friends alike.

Everyone can handle it

Unlike most other sports, axe throwing doesn’t favour a strong physique or mind-bending tactics. It is a completely level playing field where anyone has the potential of hitting the bullseye, which is great for making sure everyone in your group feels included.

You’re bound to have attendees who have never met each other, and nothing is better at breaking the ice than an axe.

It cuts your costs

When you’re organising your weekend, always remember that not everyone’s finances are equal. Keeping things closer to home makes it much more affordable and easier to organise, as weddings are expensive and stressful enough already.

Whether you’re in London, Manchester, Leeds or Bristol, you won’t be far from a Whistle Punks venue with qualified instructors ready to show you what a good time looks like.

We know how to throw a party

As Europe’s biggest and best Axe Throwing venue, Whistle Punks is easily one of the best stag do locations in the UK.

All of our Whistle Punks venues have licensed bars and a delicious pizza menu to keep everyone in your group fed and watered.

We offer a range of packages to suit your needs, with options for drinks and pizzas as well as prizes for the best axe-slingers in your party, a memento of the best stag do ever!

Regardless of how well you do in the tournament, you’re certain to be crowned the best-best man with a trip to Whistle Punks.

group of friends enjoying pizza at whistle punks

There’s no need to fear a stag do – with some forward planning and excellent activities, you’ll have the weekend of a lifetime, as well as plenty of material for the all-important best man’s speech!

Get in touch today to plan your best mate’s stag do and see how we can help you smash the organisation.

Words: Staff Writer